Saturday, January 19, 2008

Blog or not to blog

I sent my last blog, 1 year ago, been so long , infact I have a real notebook which I use as a blogger, writing blogs that only I’ll read is much more easier than writing blogs that will be read by millions of people, maybe thats why I didn’t sent any entries.

However, the technical discoveries, the results of my tests, new script and plugin ideas that I wrote on this notebook could be very helpful to people who try to learn Maya API and MEL scripting.

Thereafter, whenever I have time I’ll send new entries to my blog…

And I’m little bit confused about the language of the blog, I don’t want to write it only in Turkish, and writing it in English beside Turkish would be time consuming, writing it only in English is the best idea I think, however it wouldn’t have any effect on Turkish source count on the net…

1 comment:

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