Back to Ubuntu :)

All right, I'm back to Ubuntu again. I'm so much surprised how much I've missed that little one. After playing with Kubuntu for the last 1.5 year, coming back to Ubuntu feels much better right now. I know that it is very much a personal taste to have one of them but Gnome feels much better, solid and faster after playing with KDE for a long time. Lately Kubuntu started to feel laggish. And previously I was kinda forced to move to KDE because of the sticky key problem I was having under Maya 2009. And with the new Qt interface of Maya 2011 I don't really have anything chaining me to KDE any more.

So, I consider myself greeted by my Ubuntu fellas.

And a note about my move, if you want to do the same thing and want to move from Kubuntu to Ubuntu, just insall ubuntu-desktop by using:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

then if you don't like to have the kde programs you can remove them or there a couple of ways to have kde and gdm together and don't have ones program listed in other ones menu.


ekin said…
Hi. You've made a really good choice. I have been using kubuntu for a while, but because of the problems that i had, i decided to try ubuntu and about two weeks ago, i installed ubuntu. It seemed quite warm and sincere to me. Above all, i started not to have the problems. I love it, thank you Ubuntu. :)
Blazej said…
Same story here. Am also on ubuntu now and after some tears about missing customization I am more then pleased with the quality.

Though one thing bugs me:

Looking forward for 11.04 though I don't expect it to be that stable with changes as Compiz and Unity. Let's see ...