Switched to PyCharm

I was using WingIDE for the last 2 years and I loved it. It was and it still is a great Python IDE. Recently in the mailing list of WingIDE they were talking about how great PyCharm is and what is missing in WingIDE and where PyCharm fails.

Anyway I downloaded the trial version of PyCharm and started to use it. At the beginning I hate it. Basically it felt slow and there were couple of other things that I was very much used to use in WingIDE and they were missing in PyCharm (it was my mistake, they were all present but I need to search for them).

I didn't touch it for 2 weeks and then after what, I don't remember, I've opened it up again and started to read the quick tips. And I found that all the things that made me to switch back to WingIDE was there. And there were a lot more things which are enhanced and working properly in PyCharm and it supports more languages, has tons of options to customize the way it works etc. Somehow I felt that even the program feels slower, I'm coding faster. There are tons of shortcuts for TDD development, you need to watch this video.

There is a "Back to school office sale" where you can buy the personal version of PyCharm for $49 instead of $99. Which is very much reasonable when you think that I paid $230 for WingIDE ( $195 Wing IDE 3 + $35 to upgrade to WingIDE 4, but the latest price for WingIDE Pro 4 - Non Commercial is $95 which is in the same margin with PyCharm Personal without the discount.).

So I bought PyCharm and I'm very happy using it.


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