My first iDevice

Last week, I recieved an iPad as a gift from my boss (I should not talk about what kind of nasty things that I had to do to get this gift ;) ), anyway now I've officially entered to the world of Apple.

First impression, I've liked it a lot. I was always talking about how much a tablet is useless for me because I have a smartphone and a laptop, but it seems that after getting it you start to find a lot of use for it.

Now I'm reading all my emails and news feeds (and writing this post) on iPad and I'm planning to sign up for magazines like 3D World (as I see there is no digital version of Cinefex for now).

I'm lucky because they didn't make fun about me that much at work, cause, as an Android fun and phone owner (SGS 2) even though I was always talking about how much I hate about Apple's money oriented policies, I always stated that as a tablet iPad is better than any android tablet (except the Advent Vega) and recommended iPad to anyone asking what to buy.

The only thing that I'm missing is the lack of Android grade sharing. In Android, the sharing functionality is something more universal than it is in iOS. For example, when you install an app that allows you to share something, it is automatically listed in the sharing targets. Like StumbleUpon, it is listed in any application that wants to share something. But in iOS, as I see, it is not working like that, the app needs to be programmed in that way to be able to use StumbleUpon as a sharing target. For now it is a big minus for iOS.

On the other hand, Eventhough it doesn't have dual core A5 CPU and the powerfull PowerVR SGX 543 GPU of iPad 2, I've liked the smoothness of the interface.

I definetely liked the battery life. I was able to use it for two days continously without recharging it. I am still amazed how long the battery stays in %100 even while watching video on the internet.

I very much liked the consistent style of iOS apps which is another nice feature that Android apps are missing.

I liked iPad...


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