Allright, now start with some real posts:

the recent two days I searched for a way to do the rivet thing using a method other than what Michael Bazhutkin used (www.geocities.com/bazhutkin). I found a way that use only 3 nodes where Bazhutkin's version use 5 nodes (including aimConstraint node), I wrote the script and it was working very well, but it was 2 times slower than Bazhutkin's version.

What I did was, I used two pointOnMeshInfo node which gives a position and normal vector, and an aimConstraint node. The first pointOnMeshInfo node calculates the position and normal the second one is just used for to get the position that aimConstraint will try to aim.

The problem is that if I used 2 pointOnMeshInfo nodes just to see how fast that they calculate, it is 2 times faster than Bazhutkin's, but the locator doesn't rotates of course, if I use 1 pointOnMeshInfo node and one aimConstraint node it is again 2 times faster, but the locator doesn't points the right point of course...

It gets slower when I try to use three of them. I will try to find a way to use only one pointOnMeshInfo and one aimConstraint nodes.


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