PoseDeformer for Linux 64 bit

I've compiled the excellent PoseDeformer plug-in from Micheal Commet for Linux 64 bit. You can download the plug-in including the Linux 64 bit version from Djx Blog...


Darren said…
Hello, just wondering if you've compiled the poseDeformer plugin for Maya 2013 64-bit on Linux. I've been trying to compile it on CentOS 6.4 without much luck yet - would you happen to have a compiled version available? Thanks!
Hi Darren,

Sorry I've not compiled it yet. Not using Maya for a while. But I think I can put the Makefile to my Dropbox account and you can use/modify it to compile the plugin.

Here is the links (poseDeformer and poseReader):

giggleoriginal said…
I would really like to have it compiled for Maya 2013 on Linux as well! Have you guys done this yet? If you have I would be very grateful if I could get hold of it. Cheers!
I've just sent the maya 2014 version to DJX, he should put on his site soon.

and sorry about not being very helpful about 2013
good news :) compiled PoseDeformer also for maya 2013 linux you can download them from:

Here it is for Maya 2014 Extension 64 Linux SP1. The current 2014 build at djx did not appear to work with this installation.

Stephen Ashby said…
Thank yall for compiling these!
貝努 said…
I have seen the work of poseDeformer 2011 and 2012 compiled by you, may I have a presumptuous request for having the Maya 2015 version of this plug-ins? I know this request is too sudden and I sincerely hope it would not make any offence. Thank you for reading the message, I sincerely hoped that if I could receive your reply!