Taking The Pleasure of Suspend/Hibernate on Ubuntu

Suspend and Hibernate had always been a problem with my laptop in Ubuntu. I believe I've finally fixed it.

I first tried to use the s2disk and s2ram tools which are installed with uswsusp (sudo apt-get install uswsusp). It fixed my hibernation but not suspend. I then, tried a couple of tweaks suggested in this page. But it didn't fixed my suspend problem again (though the settings are still present, I think they are helping me anyway).

Then I downloaded the latest bios+flash utility from HP. But, there was a problem, the utility is written for Windows.

I tried to search for information about how to flash bios under linux, there is a nice forum page here, but I didn't try to use these methods cause I was not sure if my laptops flash utility was going to work under FreeDOS (but in the installation program it say it is working under FreeDOS-XP-2000-Vista-7, thanks to HP not sharing this information).

Then I found a Windows XP Live CD edition (not sure if it is legal) which nicely worked, and voila I've flashed the latest bios and all my suspend problems went away.

I'm now taking the pleasure of being able to suspend and resume my laptop without a problem.


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