Anouncing oyProjectManager 0.2.4

I had a couple of weeks which I can reserve to oyProjectManager, and a couple of requests which could improve the overall user experience. So it is here, check the changelog and the documentation and I've updated the installation instructions. And you can download the source code here.

Among the changes these are the highlights:
  • Assets and Shots now supports statuses
  • Assets can have a user defined type, like "Prop", "Character", "Vehicle" etc.
  • New user interface to manage asset and shot statuses called "status_manager"
  • project_manager can now edit shot info like start_frame, end_frame, handles and thumbnail
If you were already using oyProjectManager, you need to update your database, for now I'm leaving you alone on that process.

A possible way can be dumping the whole database to an sql file and then let oyProjectManager create a new empty database  and then import the sql file and according to the complains of your database engine edit the sql and re-import it. But on later versions I should supply database upgrade scripts.

Hope you like this version. And don't hesitate to drop me an email if you have ideas which will improve the system.

Edit 1:

Here are some screenshots


Edit 2:
Uploaded oyProjectManager to PyPI with little fixes to documentation and UI titles.


Jacob said…
Hi Ozgur,
It's great to see such a tool available as OpenSource! Thanks. I've installed (Manually) and tried to run the version_creator in Maya. I get the following error:
# Error: ImportError: No module named sip #
Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.
Jacob said…
That was it!
Jonathan Kelly said…
How would I go about deleting a project after it is created?
For now there is no way to delete a project using the UI. It is kind of against the idea of having an Asset Manager I think.

But you can delete a project by using the following Python code:

from oyProjectManager import db
from oyProjectManager.core.models import Project
proj = Project.query().filter_by(name="Project Name").first()
J.A.M said…
This is an awesome idea. I really want to use it for my personal workflow. However I am running in this error when using the script you provided to start the project_manager and the status_manager.

I paste in the code and get this error.

class MainDialog(QtGui.QDialog, project_properties_UI.Ui_Dialog):
NameError: name 'QtGui' is not defined

The thing is I have PyQt4 installed. I can import the module from my interpreter so I know it exists. Am I missing something on how to set this up? My REPO and OYPROJECTMANAGER_PATH enviroment variables are set. I cannot figure out why I cannot get the GUI to work.

All help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
Is PyQt installed to your Maya's python? Is it producing any errors if you run the following command in Maya script editor:

from PyQt4 import QtGui
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